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When did I get so tecky?

Posted by admin on Jul 14, 2011 in Misc. Challenges |

I’m a medievalist. Yet I now am working with computers in a way I never imagined. I’ve had my hands full putting out some fires with the video course on Linguisticator. It’s going well, but I’ve been learning about how to host video and stream video online.

I just got back from a business consultation with Apple, and I must say I was surprised. These guys are supposed to know what’s going on. But when I started talking about javascript and the specifics of the HTML code, I could tell that I was bringing them to the limits of their knowledge. How did this happen? How did I get so tecky? They were able to help some, and gave me some ideas of things I can try, but said I had basically done as much as I could on my end.

Wow. It’s a bit surprising, not having any background in this kind of thing. But it does go to show the value and transferability of skills gained in a good education. I know how to research and I know to respect the details. Systematic approaches to trying new things and a determination to get it right has allowed me to learn a tremendous amount of web, graphic, and video design in the last two years.

With knowledge comes a price. More people I know are turning to me with technical and web-related questions. It’s not really what I like to do, but I’m caving to the pressure, so much so that I’m actually setting up a site to offer web and graphic design. I’ve had so many requests from friends, family, and others who’ve seen my work that I’ve finally decided to make it official. If I’m gonna be doing this, I might as well get paid!

Linguisticator’s video course—of which I am very proud—is only being held back by the platform for the videos. For most people, they work fine, but a couple of people have had trouble so far. I’ve finished customizing most of the site, and everything else is all together, so I’m hoping that within the next week, I’ll be able to resolve this issue and go back to focusing on spoken language rather than coding language!


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