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Flash and HTML

Posted by admin on Feb 18, 2011 in Misc. Challenges

As I’ve written about recently, I’ve started a new business called Linguisticator, designed to teach people how to learn foreign languages. I built a website using Flash and was really pleased with how it looked. It was designed to be a temporary site so that I had some kind of storefront and I planned to build a more extensive HTML site down the road, perhaps in 6–8 months. The Flash site didn’t allow for much flexibility in terms of adding content, and I’m not that comfortable in Flash, but as I say, I thought it looked cool.

Apparently, however, many people have trouble viewing Flash sites, and mine was no exception. Perhaps the file didn’t load, or it loaded slowly; perhaps the fonts came up pixelated or unclear. Whatever it was, it was not good, and enough of these complaints had come in the other day that I decided to just build a new site immediately and have done with it.

Because I liked the look of the Flash site, I built an HTML site modeled on the Flash one—same colors, fonts, layout, etc. And it looked like crap! The Flash animations had added enough flair to an otherwise simple site for it to look sophisticated. But without the animations, the site just looked dull. So then I decided to create a homepage where people could choose whether to enter the Flash site or the HTML site. And that looked like crap!

After about 8 or 9 hours of messing around with this on Wednesday, I decided to scrap the whole thing entirely and start from scratch. I opened up a new blank document in Dreamweaver and began to create. The final result:

I’m much happier with this than either of the other two sites I created. It’s quite plain at the moment, but I’ll be adding more content and images over the next couple of weeks. And hopefully a video, too. I need to take some images of my language books for the site. I was thinking a stack with Mandarin, Classical Japanese, Egyptian, Xhosa, and Hungarian might look pretty fly.

Wednesday ended up being a 16 hour day in front of the computer. I began at 8am and finished at midnight. Brutal day, and I was completely shot yesterday, but I’m glad to have fixed the issues with the Flash site. For a business that will rely heavily on the internet, it’s important to have a good site.

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